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I want to buy something. As usual.

After deciding about a year ago to buy a freeview box, I’m now actually going to do it. The problem is, I want a PVR as well, and don’t want two separate boxes sitting under the telly. This problem was solved when I found out that there are some companies who make combined freeview/PVR boxes. The only downside is that they all seem to be crap at it. After having wandered around the internet for about an hour, I’ve found that pretty much every single model on the market has huge problems in most things usually related to the recording-video or watching-tv ‘features’ on the box. It could be argued that these two things are quite important. And so I roam on, trying to find a manufacturer on this planet that makes something that actually works and satisfies more than the average 112-year-old granny who just likes the fact that it’s a shiney silver box.