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The wonders of modern technology

This is fairly funky. I’m sat in the Chemistry library again (I’m making E,E-1,4-Diphenyl-1,3-butadiene this week), but instead of making a diary entry from the computer here, I’m doing it from the computer in my room. Magic!!!!!!I’m only here because I have to wait an hour for something to bubble lots, and whilst that’s happening, I might as well finish writing up my last practical, but the file’s on my computer in my room, and I couldn’t be arsed to go back and get it, hence the Magic!!!!!!! bit.I also really need to go and get my university card back off Scudamore’s - they’ve had it for about 3-4 months now after I left it with them when I went punting in the Summer. Without it, I can’t get into this library, so have to stand outside the door looking a bit silly until someone else goes in or comes out. Ah well.I think I had better go before my reaction explodes.