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The most interesting day of the last 5 months

The past few weeks has been slightly trying. The server has been up and down as we’ve tried to configure it in a way that’s sensible. I’ve re- fanglemajigged my email at home, and everything should be running smoothly from now on. Hopefully.

I went to see Spamalot and Les Miserables in the past 3 days. Both were slightly underwhelming, in a strange way. Both were technically excellent, but missed out on having that bit extra that makes you stare wide-eyed at the stage going ‘wow’. Spamalot was funny, but not that funny. Everyone in the audience knew half the jokes and that was a problem. The stuff they did that was new was actually quite good, but you expect a comedy and get a half- hearted attempt. Les Mis was even weirder. Fantine had a cold which meant she sang about a quarter-tone flat, the extended family of the kid (the one that gets shot) was in, so every time he appeared there was rapturous applause, and the entire production gave me the feeling that they all wanted to get the thing over and done with as quickly as possible. Now, apparently there are union regulations which mean if you go past a certain time, you have to pay everyone more, so my solution is simple: start earlier. Yes, it’s a long show, but it needs to be to get all the plot in. Starting at 8 and ending at 11pm precisely spoils it a little. Enjoyable though.

Annoyingly, I seem to have sat in on a meeting today where something interesting is going to be started. Something that could really be a good thing for customers and get rid of a lot of nonsensical crap that’s currently sitting there. Had they started this at the beginning of my placement, I would be over the moon. As it is, I’ve a month to go, and I’m going to miss out on doing something interesting. Sucks to be me. Still, means I’ll be busy for the next month.

Season 7 of the West Wing was released on Tuesday, so I’m off home to watch it all.