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A holiday? How exciting!

It’s finally here, the day I get to jet off to some far away beach in some hot country. I booked this one a while back, but it didn’t really feel like it would happen for a long time. In fact, I had the mindset that my holiday was ages away right up until this morning, when I woke up and remembered I’m getting on a plane tonight.

The thing about the Maldives that I particularly liked was something I read on some letter the travel agent said. The highest ever recorded temperature is something like 38 deg C. Hot, but not excessive. The coldest temperature on record is apparently 17 deg C, and you don’t get many days in the UK warmer than that. I’ve no idea if those are accurate, but I’m happy that there doesn’t seem to be any seasons. Just a rainy bit of the year, followed by a dry bit.

I should be back next monday. If I can figure out how, I’ll be updating my fabulous new twitter feed that I’ve thrown on the front page.

Talking of twitter, I had an interesting idea of updating twitter automatically from a mobile with built in GPS. Then you could simply update a feed once a day with your location and nearest city. Then Robin pointed me at FireEagle, so someone seems to have already thought of that. Must give it a go. Still, I’ll probably write several versions of my own and get frustrated before abandoning the idea completely. Watch this space.