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North London will be great! (I think!)

I’m moving house! Yay. There’s been a fair bit of drama happening over the past few weeks and it’s all culminated in me having to find somewhere new to live. I’m going into a very nice new flat in islington with two rather nice and slightly older people. Hopefully it’ll be fun. There’s a distinct lack of storage space in the new flat which raises some concerns around where the hell I’m going to put everything, but I’m sure that’ll turn out ok. And so now, I begin the great dance around all the great providers to get what I need from them. It started well when I phoned BT and they claimed that my new address didn’t exist. I’m currently trying to wrestle a council tax bill out of the hands of the council, but that could take months yet. Keeps me amused though.

It looks like I’m going to be needing a job at some point soon. There’s all this hushed corridor whispering about “takeovers” and “deals” being signed, so I’m taking this as my cue to find someone who’ll commit to writing me a decent contract for something I actually want to do. It seems a shame to start thinking about this only two weeks into a new role, but circumstance seems to have forced me into this position. Pay rise would be good though. Then I could afford a sofa.