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Here's hoping for a relaxing end of year

Someone told me the other day, in passing, that “Stress is the biggest cause of long-term sick leave in the country”. I have no idea if they’re correct or not. It sounds plausible. I’m more worried about what they were actually trying to tell me.

It’s been a stressful year. The house I’m trying to buy is looking like it might get bought after all. I’m currently doing three different jobs. Not all of the furniture which is where I currently live will fit in the new house. I’ve not had a proper holiday in a long time. I bought a new motorbike, only to have it suddenly start be expensive on me.

Hopefully, all of this will change. Soon I’ll be in a new house. With a new TV. And then I’ll go skiing. Because that’s awesome.

And if anyone’s paying attention, I’m going to be singing Britten’s War Requiem in Coventry Cathedral this Saturday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of it being bombed. ‘Epic’ doesn’t come close to describing what that’ll be like.