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A strange thing happened last night. I went to the cinema, but before going in I was told that all the staff were on strike over wages. To be honest, they sounded like they had a point - they were paid the basic minimum wage (£5.65ph or something) whereas the London poverty wage is something like £6.40 per hour and a recent study has suggested that the London minimum wage should be £7.something. Given that the company had apparently refused even to raise their wage to today’s poverty level over 3 years, they had decided to strike. Fair enough. However, I’d spent the money travelling to where we were, we’d had a nice dinner out and were looking to watch a film. I appreciate what the staff were trying to do, but making us cross some sort of picket line seemed a bit heavy-handed. Oh well, film was confusing as well.

In other news, we got a Wii. It’s great! I need to hook it up to the wireless now. :)