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Conspiracy Theorists - A true social phenomenon

(I posted this recently on a forum and thought I would replicate here)

Conspiracy theorists usually feel a need to differentiate themselves from the mainstream by holding opinions that contradicts “official” explanations, mostly because they think it’s fashionable to be seen to be “not a sheep”. Also could be taking a gamble on the prospect that when the “truth” is finally revealed, they can look smarter compared to the masses.

Commonly seen to be endlessly watching or making “documentaries” and absorbing, sheep-like, every detail that could possibly provide an explanation as to why the “official” explanation is wrong. Most arguments hinge either around flawed science, or the reasoning that because something isn’t fully explained to their satisfaction, everything else is lies.

Sadly, it’s never going to stop being “fashionable” for these people to feel like they’re on the inside of a big secret. The shallowness of conspiracy theorists is demonstrated as they question everything simply in order to gain perceived status within their audience as someone who “thinks differently”, “is his(her) own person”, “doesn’t take crap from governments”. They believe such qualities allows them to get laid sooner, and with more people.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the glaring lack of logic and reason only makes them appear to be closed-minded geeks trying to cling onto some sort of individualism to make themselves seem important. It’s sad, but it’s true.