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San Francisco

The clock says it’s about 9pm, but it’s actually more like 5am. I’ve spent about 5 hours in San Francisco now and it’s a rather strange place. Having spent quite a bit of time in the midwest and New York, I’m quite glad that it’s nothing at all like either of those things, and yet at the same time it’s exactly like both of them in how ‘American’ it all is.

Initial impressions.

  1. They appear to have taken a “Lets build everything and just see what works” approach to public transport. The trams look cool though, both the old touristy one and the slightly newer, slightly more useful one.
  2. The fog. I’d heard about the fog. But wow. Such fog. Much opacity.
  3. The bay is much, much, much larger than you think it is.
  4. It is mildly pretentious and overpriced, in exactly the same way that I expected.
  5. There’s a guy called ‘Peet’ (did he spell his own name wrong?) who’s taking the fight to Starbucks.

I’m losing the ability to think coherently so tomorrow I’ll find a nice diner, eat sausages and maple syrup and look at some more stuff.