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It's all not working dammit.

As I sit here listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland (fab album btw) and contemplate what lifestyle dinner used to live whilst shouting repeatedly at a Cabletron MicroMMac-24E in order to get it to talk to me, I pause to notice how awful this carpet is, and how there’s a kitchen behind me, in bits.

It was sunny today, and that’s always good. It means I can go to that place called “outside” and see what’s happening there. I’m hoping it’s sunny tomorrow so I can possibly go to Hastings, and then on Sunday, when I’m off to Windsor to sing in the Castle because that would mean that it’s not raining which, again, is a good thing.

Also, apparently, whilst trying to arrange a holiday, or tour, for 26 people in September, my destination has moved from Seville, to Barcelona, then back to Seville, then up to Barcelona again with a brief flickering in Belgium, then France, and now it’s back to Barcelona and it’s looking at Malta in a scary way. Dammit.

Mmmmmm. Chicken. Scary.