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Right. Finally.

Well, here I am, new house and everything. It’s actually fairly cool, what with all the floors (4) and rooms (millions) that we have between us (6). The moving process was an interesting one. It started with the usual “Argh, the bills, the bills” process which involved me trying to convince about 17 different companies that I was moving house. This was an interesting project. It’s still not done actually, about 13 days after I’ve moved in, British Gas have no idea how much to bill me as I’ve not told them any meter readings yet. Should really do that at some point. Yes. Hmm…

Following that, there was the wonderful stage of “moving stuff”. Now for me, this is easy. I accumulate very little stuff, and so one smallish car-load was sufficient to get most of the stuff I wanted from the old house (Stratford) to the new one (Greenwich). However, my adorable people-I-live-with decided that I should take the stuff I didn’t want to take as well (fair enough) and some of the furniture I had inadvertently bought over the past year (again, fair enough). And so another 2 trips resulted because of this. This was made more interesting by the closure of the Blackwall tunnel at some point during this sunny Saturday afternoon. Anyway, with everything in the house, there came the usual ‘discussions’ about who was going to sleep where, but that was sorted out fairly quickly.

So now, I just have to wait for the entire thing to be finished off. Which involves waiting until about October 21st for the bed and all the bedroom furniture to be delivered. I’m currently living on a sofa-like thing and keep my clothes either in bags, or on make-shift hangers. On the flip side, I’m living in a great place with an economy that seems to be supported entirely by tourist shops, clothes shops and restaurants.

Joy at work too. I finished my unofficial placement and have moved into training which lasts about 4 weeks. Currently about one and a half weeks in, and so far I’ve learned to count to ten in Japanese without even realising it which is quite impressive. Aside from that, I think I’m being taught how to be both a project manager and a business analyst (possibly at the same time?) and it’s something I’ve yet to decide whether I’m enjoying it or not. The free restaurant lunches provided by the training centre are currently swinging it towards the ‘Aye’.

Annoyingly I have to keep a workbook of everything I’ve learned each bright and sunny day. Like that’s going to be useful…