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Ok, I know I said this that and the other....

Interestingly, it’s been a while. I’ve been up to a few things, and now I’m in Cambridge. The reason I’m in Cambridge? Why it’s May Week of course!

For those that I’m sure do know but forgot, this is the time of year when Cambridge goes and gets drunk. Sadly, I’m not here for the whole week, just the weekend part of it (couldn’t get time off work…), but hopefully that’ll be enough. There’s a lot of people shouting outside - I think they’re rowers and possibly merry.I’m still sticking to my promise. I’ll put my mini-thoughts bit on my mp3 player up soon. Very very soon. The reason I’m delaying is manyfold:

  1. I’m busy

  2. Not all of the site works yet

  3. I still might think of bits that I want to change

Anyway, like I said, soon.Very soon.