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I’m back! Hurray! Work! Boooooo!

So last week was fun. Having not been skiing in a “long” time, I was surprised by a few things. The first thing was this: Skiing hurts and is hard work. I don’t remember it hurting that much just by going down a slope. I think it’s my rather shocking fitness level that is to blame, so I need to exercise more. The second key thing I learned was: Skiing in the snow isn’t necessarily fun. It snowed quite a lot and as a result some of the days were spent looking at the haze of snow and sighing lots. On the other hand, this provided a good opportunity to rest (sleep).

The way back was mildly interesting. After going through The Greatest Car Journey in the World™ (it involved snow, closed mountain passes, the Valley of Death, and a quick lesson in fitting snow chains in the snow at 4am) we decided we would go a sensible route back avoiding Mont Blanc. This was due to take around 2hrs 45mins, so for a 7:30am flight, we thought we should leave at 2:30-3ish. On friday (the day before we left), the weather started to close in quite badly prompting a rethink in case they closed the road out of the resort. In the end, we left at midnight-ish and dribbled down the mountain at a leisurely 18mph. The plan was to hit the motorway and do nice speeds all the way back, but when we noticed that we were actually on the motorway and it was still blizzarding with 2cm of snow on the ground, we were forced to trundle along at a mediocre pace. The end result is that what should have taken nearly 3 hours took over 5 hours, which usefully landed us there in good time to check in. So that was the interesting bit of the way back.

So now I’ve arrived back, and I have 85 unread emails to read and deal with. Joy!