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Progress in a photo-and-search-related way

I’m doing a bit of fiddling again. I’ve turned the search off while I investigate a new, faster, way of doing fulltext searches against databases. Made by a nice person at Sphinx Search it claims to be able to do quite a lot. I’ve almost got it working, I just need the bit that actually returns the details about the search results. Shouldn’t take me long, it’s finding that time that’s the main problem.

I’ve also been doing some stuff with the photos site. It’s been a bit of a mess at the moment, with most galleries as some flash thing and some in a weird experimental HTML thing. Anyway, I’ve been working on replicating the flash interface in javascript and it’s coming along pretty well. So far, I’ve got two galleries on the new system, and I’ll be putting the rest on there soon. It’s still in fairly heavy development and will only work in Firefox. I’ll Microsoftify it when I’ve finished adding the features I want.

Aside from that, I had a wonderfully blustery bank holiday Monday involving a beach, the sea, fish and chips and temperatures so cold my ears fell off. Isn’t summer great!