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Airports are fun

I’m in Gatwick airport now. My flight is at 7am tomorrow, and the airport is the cheapest hotel I can think of, because it’s free. Add to that my uncanny ability to sleep anywhere, in any position (including standing up - that one takes a bit of practice) means that I’ll be snoozing on a chair somewhere this evening.Once we get to Edinburgh, we have to do a tech rehearsal in the space of 4 hours. I should explain something here.

Tech rehearsals all have at least two things in common:

  1. They never start on time.

  2. They last for about 3 times as long as expected.

Tomorrow will (apparently) be an exception as we will be charged at about £10 per minute that we run over our time. This might not be absolutely accurate, but gives you an idea of the fact that it’ll be expensive. A tech that runs on time and in the time period allowed will be a strange novelty, to be swept away and to become something of a legend.

Ah well, got to be up at 5. Sleep beckons.