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It’s here! The much-anticipated theme for the wintery season (Can’t offend people by saying ‘Christmas’). Unlike every other year, I’ve had 90% of this designed for about 2 weeks beforehand, and it needed a quick minor redesign right near the end. Something about IE not playing well with fixed backgrounds. The snow is back! It has a bug, whereby if the screen is below a certain height on the homepage, it’ll twitch like a baby on steroids. Only happens in Firefox though, the silly baby-junkies.

This is the last 1st day of the month I’ll be seeing in New York - I’m going HOME! on December 17th. My flight is booked, my seat is picked, my hostesses have been pre-flirted with, it’s all good. Actually, that’s not true - currently, no-one has started the process to have a nice company pick up all my stuff and ship it back to the UK. I need to kick some ass on that one somewhere.

Onward! Documentation!