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What I did yesterday

As I’m sure everyone knows, I’m going to Sri Lanka at the end of April. Yesterday, everyone who’s going decided to have a collection day in Canary Wharf. The idea was simple: we’ll put an exercise bike in the middle of one of the plazas, start at 8am, bike in 1 hour shifts, and say we’re cycling across Sri Lanka (about 140 miles, 224 km) in 10 hours. Meanwhile, other people can collect.

After turning up at 8am, we were proceeded to be rained on lots, and ignored by the vast majority of the suits swarming out of the Canary Wharf tube station. The idea was that after 9am, we’d run in shifts of collectors, so that the rest of us could go and get some work done. Thankfully, we were eventually publicised by the company’s own internal publicity thing using this amazing photo (I’m second from left):

(Ok, I lost this photo. Don’t tell anyone)

After that, we started to collect a bit more. I was collecting 11-12 and then cycling from 12-1pm during which time I managed to cover a stonking 28km which, it turns out, was slightly above-average for the day (not as much as 40km guy, grrrrrrrrrrrr). I was, of course, delighted that it was sunny for the whole day, except for the bits where I was collecting and cycling, when it rained. Hard.

In any case, we actually hit the magic 224km with about 20 mins to go so got a total of 232km. Also, it turns out we raised £595.01, which means it was all worthwhile :)