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Now I'm not in Spain :-(

Now I really do know how pathetic English weather is. Right now, in Catalonia, it’s probably 35 degrees. It’s nearly raining here, and quite cold. It’s almost enough to make me want to live there.

It seems that I might actually be earning money next week, which is something that I’ve not done in over a year and therefore will be rather a novelty for me. Just as well, because the bank are starting to run away when they see me coming. I managed to spend a total of £98 over 10 days in Spain, and that’s me on a tight budget. I know of people who managed to get through £250+, damn them. Anyway, pictures will appear soon - the moment I get my computer on the internet in fact. :)

Apparently I’ve got to go to rye tomorrow and do a concert which mysteriously I have no recollection of organising, and have no idea what I’m going to be playing. Just like most concerts I do. Ah well.

Sleep is calling.