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Summer is Fin. Wait, what?

Summer was crap. Really really bad. I don’t think I’ve ever got to this point in a year before with such a sense of having not really done anything over the last few months. I’ve yet to have a proper holiday (although, that’s being sorted out, apparently) and have been to an underwhelming number of barbecues. And the weather was horrible. I seem to remember summer being this big long stretch of endless sunny weather and generally mucking around outside, but this year outside is looking rather un-mucked-around in.

And so we begin the inevitable decline towards Winter and the depressing cold which that brings. The only thing that’s looking up is that maybe I’ll get to spend more time with the Mexican Staring Cat that has started to visit (name: Catface). I figure that if it’s cold outside, it’ll want to be inside more often. That’ll be nice.