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I’m off to the US. Again. Tomorrow.

I literally just checked in and printed my boarding pass for a flight that leaves tomorrow at about half one (I love BA), and I now need to pack everything in a bag small enough to take on a plane. Usually, this isn’t a problem as the luggage allowance for business class people is fairly generous, but this time there’s an added complication. About 7 hours after I land from New York, I’m flying to Geneva to go skiing. Therefore, I need three sets of clothes: NY-only clothes, skiing-only clothes, and clothes that fall into both categories. So I put the skiing-only clothes in a big which is now not far from Heathrow, and I’m going to have to pack NY and NY/skiing clothes in a bag which is small enough to take on the plane. This bag also needs to be big enough to fit all the skiing clothes in, as I’m going to do some sort of clever luggage/changeover/shifting/bag-swapping thing in the small amount of time I’m spending in the UK over the next 2 weeks. Still, packing is one of those things I’m quite good at, if you measure against how quickly I can do it in along with how stressed I get about it (10 mins, not very).

There will of course be lots of photos in about 2 weeks.

Next post here will probably be from the 1st class lounge at Heathrow terminal

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