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‘Twas the last day at work today. I’ve now got a blissful 2 weeks off before I have to do anything at all again relating to work. Obviously, that last sentence isn’t true because I’ll be leaving on my blackberry, phone etc. just so that I can swoop in to save the day on some catastrophy that might befall something.

Sri Lanka things are moving on a bit. In case you missed it, I’ll be going to Sri Lanka in late April to build houses for the people who got theirs washed away after the tsunami last year. It costs around £500 for a new house to be built, and that’s the amount the 15 of us going have to raise each. Reuters Foundation are paying for all the flights and accommodation, so all of the cash raised will go straight towards the actual house building bit. I’ll put together a page here with some details if anyone feels kind enough to throw in a few pounds. :-)

And with that, I’m really really tired now and will go to sleep.