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Life is good. Busy, but good.

This is getting a bit silly - my life is lurching between periods of mind- numbing dullarity (I made up some new words in my spare time) and periods of bounding around trying to get millions of things done at once. Such things might include:

  1. Sorting out a new house (I move in 2 days!) and where everyone is going to be

  2. Attempting some sort of coordination for everyone giving me their deposit so we only have to write out (and pay for) one banker’s draft

  3. Trying to find furniture for new house

  4. Moving gas, electricity, phone etc. to new house

  5. Getting broadband for new house on phone line that doesn’t exist yet

  6. Getting a new phone

  7. Wrapping up all my work projects as I move on to something completely different next week

  8. Buying books

  9. Edinburgh

A pretty busy time, I think.

Of all those things: (1) isn’t really done yet. It’s probably going to be done on Saturday, the day we move. (2) is dragging it’s feet a little seeing as I need a banker’s draft of about £5k in my hand by tomorrow. Hmmmm. (3) I’m getting someone else to do, which is a good thing indeed as they have better taste than me.

This brings us nicely to (4). This is being an interesting time, as I can never quite trust these companies to move my account nicely and not sneak extra charges in amongst all of the confusion. (5) Was proving a little troublesome (I’m moving to PlusNet from Pipex because they’re faster and cheaper) but then I spoke to the BT guy who gave me my new phone number before the line even exists. So I’ve ordered broadband on a non-existant phone line. This is just going to go wrong, badly.

(6) was another fun one. After spending 10 mins listening to the o2 music, I cleverly and shrewdly beat down the person on the other end from charging me £180 for a new phone (mmmmm, xda IIi, mmmmm) to a lot less than that with the argument “It’s a lot less than that if I cancel and just get a new contract”. Apparently they relented because I’m a “long-term customer” and I’ve “never missed a payment”. Pffffft. “Amazing negotiating skills” and “Insurmountable charm” is more like it.

(7) is something I’m just going to have to live with. (8) I can’t do because I don’t know which house to post them to, and (9) actually finished last weekend. It was a good success :-)

I think that’s all for the time being. I’ve got to go see how much money I have…