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The election. It happened. Someone gave up somewhere along the way.

I really love the way that Americans are practically forced to choose between a right-wing politician and a slightly less right-wing politician, and then try to cling onto the timeless concept of “democracy”. It’s not a democracy. It’s not a democracy if there’s not middle ground. In this case, there isn’t any ground at all. It turns out that 97% of the population is either fiercely democrat, or republican, and they hate each other. None of this discussion of issues crap that bogs down the rest of the world’s politics, it’s how many people they can piss off and win over at the same time.

I seem to be getting way too worked up over this. Still, it does serve a purpose, and that’s to make the UK election seem less farcical.

And so I shall embrace my newly discovered caffeine addiction, I shall not go on holiday, and I shall now attempt to go and find some direction in my life. With coffee.