I write things here.


I almost forgot - my camera lens broke last month and I never said what the outcome was. Anyway, I managed to go to the Jessops place I’d bought it from, explained how I’d lost my receipt and without even flinching just printed me off another one. Bearing in mind I bought it 13 months beforehand, I found this quite impressive. Not technologically, but the way that I wasn’t made to fill out endless forms and wait 28 days - they just did it there and then.

Anyway, the reason I needed my receipt was because I had phoned up Sigma UK who had said that they would honour the warranty, despite it being a month out, as long as I had my receipt. Again, score on the customer services front. I promptly put the lens in a box and mailed it to them (Monday), thinking that I’d not see it for 6 weeks. I got a letter shortly afterwards confirming exactly what I’d sent them (lens, lens cap, filter, box, receipt, etc) which was nice. 5 days after I sent it (Friday), I received it back, with a completely replaced zoom and focus mechanism. Sigma therefore get my totally-awesome-customer-service-award-thing for 2007. It also means I don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new one and can instead spend that on something more meaningful, like cookies.

In other news, I’m trundling along with work, thinking of learning to drive (again) and doing a bit of maintenance to the site. Hopefully the snippets will have colour syntax highlighting soon, as soon as I figure out a good way to do it.