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Employer Rant

I’ve been doing temp work recently for Barclays financial planning through an agency for about a month and at the beginning of the week I stopped by the agency to let them know that there wasn’t actually that much work to be done but I’d stay there until the contract expired (end of November).

Today, I’m quite ill, so didn’t go in (wandering between bed and internet to check email). Get a phone call from the agency saying that barclays have terminated my contract on the basis that there isn’t enough work for me to do, and then they tell the agency that my work was sub-standard.

I know for a fact that my work there, whilst dull, was to a good standard, and absolutely nothing was mentioned to me when I was there.

So now I have to try and get another job with a bad employer reference.

Oh well.


Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I realise it’s only a temp position, but now I’ve got no income again and an expenditure of about £500 a month. Dammit.