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Django updates and thingies

It’s been a while since I properly looked at the code for this site, so decided to give it a bit of an overhaul. In the process, I thought I’d make it look a bit different.

It’s still running Django, but updated with some bits and pieces that makes more sense now that I understand how Django actually works. Specifically:

  • django-secure is helping with providing HSTS capabilities, and always-to-ssl type functionality.
  • django-pipeline for auto-compiling of SCSS and minification of Javascript.
  • I’m storing the content in markdown, and then rendering on the fly. Coupled with django-markdown and Pygments, this strikes a pretty good balance between easy of use and awesome syntax highlighting.

There’s still a few issues that need to be sorted out, most of them around content. Also, the funky left scrolly thingie might not work across all browsers, and I need to responsivize the whole thing. Still, all good works in progress.