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I do this subject called Chemistry. Every week, I do a practical, which normally takes me 10-12 hours of work, and the idea is that this is then marked. So I slave for 12 hours on this particular synthesis, and get what I think is a decent write-up. However, the rather stuck-up idiot of a marker decides that it’s a crap write-up for 2 reasons.1) I put a single incorrect arrow on my synthesis mechanism. This isn’t exactly a hanging offence. Even at this he threatens not to mark it at all.2) I used the “wrong spectrum” to do my spectral analysis. Let me tell you all a bit about NMR. It’s quite easy - you take your sample, dissolve it in a solvent, put it in a tube, put a tube in a machine, press a button, and it plots a graph. It takes about 15 mins, but isn’t exactly taxing on the mind. Anyway, when the marker said I used the “wrong spectrum”, he meant that I actually did analysis on my own spectrum (shock horror) and not the spectrum that the lab technician took of the “pure” compound. Even though it’s EXACTLY THE SAME FECKING SPECTRUM, he refused to mark it. According to him, us spending this 20 minutes doing our own spectra is just ‘practice’. We all apparently need practice in pressing a button and waiting 5 minutes.I appreciate very few people will know what I’m dribbling on about, but if you take anything from this, take the fact that I’m rather annoyed.