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Oooooo, Shiney!

Well, everyone will no doubt be thrilled to hear that I got me a new job! Yay. This is good as the people in my current job weren’t really prepared to pay me after the end of this year, so finding someone willing to keep giving me money fits into my world domination plan quite well. It does mean that I’m going to have to become an expert in what I actually do (otherwise, what’s the point?) and that thing is going to be security! Not shooting-at-bad-guys-with-guns security, more making-sure-people-build-systems-correctly security, with a fat dollop of documentation on the side.

It’s been fun in my last placement. My most enjoyable moment was probably the trader who phoned me up, spoke very quickly at me before hanging up again. Figuring out what the hell he wanted was actually a fairly interesting challenge.

I’ve been playing with Sun’s Solaris recently. I mentioned in my last post that I’m having to use PostgreSQL for a work project and it happens to only be supported on Solaris for my purposes. I’ve been finding out that it’s basically the same as linux, but purposefully more difficult. Still, it has ZFS, which is amazingly cool, so that makes up for it. Just need to wait for that one to be ported to a sensible OS.