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I’m hearing all sorts of mumblings from across the pond that it’s actually quite warm in London. Numbers such as “38” and “105” keep floating over and it’s actually making me quite happy. If I were back in the UK, it would be really really hot and I would be surrounded by people moaning about the stupid weather and how it never is that nice warm temperature with a cool sea breeze. Here, in NY, it’s 35 degrees almost every day, and yet the people don’t moan and the air conditioning is awesome. That said, instead of being surrounded by moaning brits, I’m surrounded by americans, but everything’s got it’s downside.

I’ve yet to do anything truely exciting here. Last weekend I went on the Statten Island ferry to discover that there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting on Statten Island. I really should do something like go to the beach, or catch the bus to DC, or go and see Boston. Maybe even the Niagra Falls, although that’s a 7 hour train journey…