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I managed to break a particularly wintry skiing habit this year by returning to (basically) the same place as I went last year. That said, there were many habits unbroken, such as:

  1. Being even more unfit than last year
  2. Falling over a lot
  3. Swearing that “next year, I’ll be a lot fitter”

However, there was one crucial difference between this year and last year: 11 people, as opposed to 4 (or 5). This raises the intriguing concepts of duplicate bridge, all the cheese one can eat and cheaper accommodation. In combination, these make for epic funtimes. The utter lack of wifi, despite being advertised as a ‘feature’ was a bit annoying. On the plus side, it just forced us to go to the bar more often.

I’m rather impressed with my phone, which after 8 hours of GPS tracking and playing music, managed to only lose about 40% battery. Not bad.

Next year, I’ve decided that I’d like to get a few things before I go. Specifically, a ski helmet that does nice music control with my phone; a GoPro camera (or similar), better ski clothes that don’t let half the mountain in when I fall over; and better goggles with replacable lens thingies.

Oh, and I’ll be much fitter next year. Obviously.