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I had a plan. It was a very good plan. I was going to go to New York in April, and buy a Canon 350D at some nice US price and get my £100 for buying it on a MasterCard. Then, I was idly browsing round, and found that the offer ends on the 31st December, which is about 3 days away. Sudden panic set in, so I bought one today. At a reasonable price, and with the £100 off, I’m getting it cheaper than I would do in the US without the £100 off (by about £60). The only problem now is that it’s a body only, and I need a lens until I can use it so I’ll be looking round ebay for something decent and cheap over the next few weeks. Ah well. Got the deposit back for the last house I lived in finally, so that’s what’s financing all of this, just in case my bank manager is reading……

Other things I did today was to do a new stylesheet for the new year. It’s actually quite good (in my humble opinion) and is a little different to the designs I’ve had before. Not 100% sure about the main colour yet, but at least I’ve got everything in the right place in both FF and IE. It’ll go up at the new year so everyone can go “ooooo” then as I know you all like doing that. And it’ll stay unchanged for at least 3 months. Promise.

Now I’ve got to go to bed. It’s cold and damp. And it’s going to snow.