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A day off

I have a day off. Actually, technically, I have two days off either side of a weekend so it’s going to feel like I’ve got 4 days off. Regardless, I have time to do things that I wouldn’t normally get time to do, what with arsing around at work and then arsing around at home (both of which are my two regular weekday activities).

Following my last post on Hadoop and partition tolerance I had meant to rapidly follow up with something talking about HBase. Alas, time is precious, and it’s still sitting on my to-do list just above “Investigate network queuing disciplines in linux” and just below “Figure out how to wire my bike cam into bike”.

I’m in a frame of mind where I feel like declaring what I need to do today will help keep me accountable for actually getting things done. In other words, if I write stuff down, I’m more likely to do it. So:

  1. Find replacement bowl for the one I broke
  2. Find and buy horn wiring harness
  3. Website maintenance

Now that I think about number 3, it’s occurred to me that this site has been running Django for a while now. In fact, looking back, it’s been about 4 years. This is the sort of point where I start to feel restless about doing something new. Django is awesome, but the world has moved on somewhat. I’m slightly tempted to give one of these new-fangled languages and not-particularly-ready web frameworks a go. Something silly like, using golang. I’ll put it on the list

  1. Rewrite website in go

That probably should go further down the list. Oh wait, this is a list for today.

4. Rewrite website in go

Lets do that on Monday instead.

  1. Lunch
  2. Document and put framework for the HDFS partition testing on github
  3. Buy awesome Z-wave switch for my house’s awesome christmas lights.

Z-wave is great. Have I written about that? I probably should do.

  1. Do all the other things everyone else wants me to do.

I think that’s probably enough for one day.