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An interesting weekend.

Last night was the annual Pembroke College Choir Dinner. This is an event that occurs every year where the College decide to give the choir (and me) a nice posh 4 course meal with lots and lots of alcohol. There follows a certain amount of entertainment followed by more alcohol. This normally goes on until some early time in the morning. When I got up (just now - yes it’s half one…) I found that I had gained 4 port glasses, a port decanter, a college coffee cup and saucer, a white wine glass and a guitar. I will be returning these (of course) whenever anyone asks for them ;)

And then tonight, I have to work all through the night doing a get-in at the ADC (local amateur theatre) follows by one of the most important college occasions in chapel and then I go to another party on a boat. I’m blatantly not going to get much sleep.